Top Three Business Planning Software

A successful business can't exist without a good business plan which must cover two essential parts. The first part outlines business goals for the upcoming years, and the ways to accomplish them: a business plan should indicate the main steps on the way to your business goals, the terms, the funds, and the people needed to achieve them. The second part is business forecast, usually made for three upcoming years: the first year plan includes forecasts for each month, and the next two years have quarterly forecasts.

Such detailed business planning is necessary, but it can be quite complex and time-consuming; moreover, it often requires accounting background which not all entrepreneurs have. However, good business planning software can help you a lot with this task, and make the planning process much easier and faster. There is a lot of business planning software available these days, so that you can choose the one that suits best for you. Here are top 3 best business planning software applications according to many reviews:

#1: Business plan Pro
This software occupies top positions of many business planning software ratings. It is easy enough for beginners to use, as it provides a business-plan wizard and step-by-step instructions, and has a quite simple "drag and drop" graphic financial forecaster tool that makes it simpler to create charts and graphs. The tool also offers some options advanced users will appreciate, such as over 500 sample business plans suitable for a large variety of business concepts, planning e-books and industry profiles; basically, it has everything to help you make a professional business plan. The Premier Edition of this application enables the user to import data from Excel and QuickBooks, and adds many more useful options, like visual cash-planning capability, more detailed financial and valuation-analysis tools.

#2: Biz Plan Pro
Biz Plan Pro is ranked high among business planning software due to its numerous useful functions that allow creating a customizable, flexible and detailed business plan. This tool is suitable for multiple users, and enables business partners to share and store information safely via the Internet. It also allows developing your business strategy for the future, and making financial analysis. Biz Plan Pro comes with supporting documentation that includes articles of incorporation, r?sum? templates, team responsibilities and general partnership agreements, as well as personal financial statements, press releases, private offering disclaimers and stock-option tracking worksheets. Built-in interactive guides and sample plans are also a part of the program. Due to such a large variety of support documents and guides this tool can be suitable for not very experienced users.

This tool is known for its user-friendly online interface and multiple options for both beginners and advanced users. It can be utilized by multiple users, such as business partners, to edit, store and share information. also provides applications that allow integration with other services. The program provides the users with customizable forecasting spreadsheet templates that can be integrated into final business plans, as well as samples for entire business plans. Subscribers get access to e-mail and phone support services.


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